Q- Why should I have my trashcan cleaned?

A- Just hosing out your trashcan is not sufficient to remove or kill the bacteria breeding “nasties” we don’t just clean your trashcan, we disinfect and deodorize it. Our professional service will give you peace of mind

Q- How often should my trashcan be cleaned?

A- Most of our clients get their trashcan cleaned on a monthly basis

Q- How will I know that my trashcan has been cleaned?

A- Well, in addition to your trashcan smelling good for a change, we have instituted a hole-punch system for every month. You will find the hole-punch card attached to the handle of your trashcan

Q- When I return home I found that my trashcan has been cleaned. I have not signed up for your service. Why did you do this?

A- As a random act of kindness we clean trashcans in a new service area free of charge. If you wish to continue with our service simply sign-up online or give us a call at 623-826-0504 (You will not be charges for this first complementary trashcan cleaning). If you do not wish to have our service please accept the free clean on us and remember the next time your trashcan needs cleaning just give Classy Trashcans LLC a call.



Q- You have cleaned my trashcan twice but there is still dirt-guck inside the can. Why is this?

A- We have found that some of the trashcans we clean can take quite a few cleaning cycles to remove the grime that has built up over time, we make every effort to clean your trashcan to the highest standards and in time we have found that our Eliminator™ machine will remove the most stubborn grime in the meantime Classy Trashcans has eliminated the odors and germs in your trashcan.

Q- How do I sign-up for your service?

A- You can sign up for services simply by downloading the Membership Agreement form, indicating the type of services you require, and then either faxing it or mailing it to Classy Trashcans LLC.

Q- Do I have to individually sign up ALL of my trashcans?

A- No, You can just let us know which ones you would like us to put on our membership program.

Q- Can I rotate or alternate my trashcans after each cleaning cycle?

A- No, this is because each trashcan has its own identification and will be serviced each cycle

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